logoThe NHCCM grew out of a group of interested people from all over the state who had a need to help and support each other as they learned to manage their local access television. Informal, random meetings were held in various areas around the state.

Eventually, a more structured group began to meet regularly and decided to become a non-profit organization and establish an affiliation with the New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC), the National Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and the Alliance for Community Media – Northeast Region (ACM-NE). We have offered workshops in a variety of areas from re-franchising to lighting and more. Members also present workshops at numerous conferences around the state and New England.

Our primary objective is to contact all communities in the state and raise their awareness of PEG in general and specifically notify them of our existence and willingness to help support and foster PEG access television. To this end, the NHCCM has surveyed all towns across the state and is currently sending information to each of them. It is our hope that membership in the NHCCM will be a valuable resource, especially to small communities with limited resources.

For membership information, please go to our Membership page.

 Community File Server
The NHCCM File Server helps get Member’s videos out to the rest of the community, whether you are a station, non-profit, government, or Individual member. You have access to upload and download videos from inside the state and beyond!
The NHCCM offers several workshops during the year on topics of interest to PEG Access Center staff, producers, and volunteers. From production tips and new equipment, to marketing and management, these workshops help our members stay on top of new technology and best practices, while offering opportunities to share ideas and network. Look for announcements in our e-newsletters.
Monthly Meetings
At meetings we discuss everything from technology to latest legislation, as well as ideas of best practices. We also have the occasional guest speaker to help us take our stations to the next level.
 Networking and Support
The NHCCM is a wonderful way to network with other local PEG Stations and collaborate. Either it be you want to know how other people do things, or if you need technical advice, The community is an invaluable resource.