Q: Can I bring guests to NHCCM events with my membership?
A: Absolutely, If it is a workshop they would just have to pay the fee for the workshop.

Q: What happens at these monthly meetings?
A: We meet and talk about the latest technologies, networking, and what our stations are up to, amongst other topics. In reality it is up to the membership, and what they are looking for.

Q: I run a station. If I get the Access Station membership, Can staff come to meetings?
A: Sure! Access Station Memberships cover all paid staff.

Q: What exactly is the file-sharing used for?
A: Sharing programming and content created by you or your station which then can be used by other access stations in the area to broadcast. We just ask that you include the station disclaimers, which you can find under the Resources tab above.

Q: I am a content creator, What file format / codec should I upload our videos as?
A: In the File-sharing Server you can now upload in different formats. The Connect server will automatically transcode the proper format for the station downloading the content. We recommend uploading “H.264; MPEG-4 (Main Profile @ 3.1 Level)”.

Q: I am a station, What broadcast servers is it compatible with?
A: TelVue Connect is compatible with most (if not all) broadcast servers. A transcode profile will be setup to ensure all content you “licence” from the file-sharing server is compatible for playback on your server.

Q: What membership levels get File-sharing Access?
A: All membership levels get access to the file-share except Underwriter.

Q: What Platform do you use for your File-sharing?
A: The NHCCM uses TelVue Connect.

Q: How do I access the File Sharing Server (Telvue Connect)?
A: Once you’re paid your membership, you will be provided with a username and login for your station. Use that information to log into the Connect server here.

Q: I need  to reset my login information or am having issues
A: Contact us for information on who to contact for login troubles or technical support, (603) 226-8872.

Have more questions? You can check out the TelVue Connect FAQ for more information.

Q: What is a Franchise Agreement?
A: The franchise agreement is a contract between a Town or City and a cable company that sets the terms of the provision of cable services, including service standards, PEG programming requirements, and possible infrastructure upgrades (and more.)

Q: Do you have a sample Franchise Agreement?
A: Here is a result page on Google of other City Franchise agreements. Use these as a basis for your Franchise agreement. The NHCCM is a great networking resource too! Reach out to other members at meetings to see what they did for their Franchise Agreements and working with the city.